Advantages Of Pallet Rack Storage Systems In A Warehouse

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Pallet system of storage is a core part of warehousing. Not only in warehouses but pallet storage system is a must thing even in manufacturing centers where loads of goods are required to be stored in an organized way. These pallets are designed in a way to tackle heavy weight loads. Thus they are made out of steel which provides them apt strength to hold heavy weight. Besides that they are extensively intended for storage purpose, thus these racks are built up to the height of the ceiling. For lifting, retrieving and managing pallets forklifts are also required. Therefore Pallet storage systems have a profound role in every warehouse.

Space Management

In any warehouse floor space is very precious. Since every bit of square foot is meant to stock loads and goods. Pallet rack system are meant and designed specially to manage every bit of this floor space efficiently by taking into account the available vertical space too. The racks are purposefully built vertically up to great heights, sometimes up to the ceiling so as to utilize every inch of space in an efficient way. One can effectively use the forklifts to manage pallets at height.

Highly Durable

Once pallets are installed it is not possible or easy to change them at frequent intervals. These are meant for long duration usage. Moreover replacements or repairs encompass heavy expenditure just for maintenance apart from the management of goods. Therefore the pallets are made out of high quality and durable steel so that they can efficiently handle loads. These racking systems are built with powerful joining to withstand the wear and tear and rigorous handling of pallets.

Safety Quotient

The racking systems are designed in a way so that they can withstand the heavy weights of the pallets. Extensively tested after manufacturing and built with strong materials these racks ensure maximum safety. However, still the racks are provided with due guidelines to inform the users how to use it, install it, and maintain it.

Ease of Access

Accessibility is a necessary requirement when it comes to pallet racking systems. If the racks or pallets cannot be accessed properly they can bring about considerable amount of inconvenience in the entire work system. Thus they are made with proper spacing so that all the racks and pallets can be accessed easily from both the ends of the racks. Even forklifts need space to move and collect pallets from racks. Thus, these are designed accordingly to provide ease of access.

Pallet systems and rack systems are part of day to day workings in a warehouse. It is important to choose a Pallet rack storage system that can utilize optimal space in your warehouse. Besides that the material, type of pallet, maintenance issues are other crucial look out factors before determining which pallet system is best suited for your purpose. Thus, it is a smart step to know about all the types of pallet systems available in the market before you order any for your warehouse. Try to know the advantages and disadvantages of all the types to make the best selection.

A Quick Insight Into The Popular Pallet Systems

Storage is an essential part of work management in manufacturing companies, distribution firms as well as in every segment that deals with products and good storage and management. In warehouses storage systemsare managed by several employees. However, it is not possible to manage loads of goods if the storage system is not organized. This is why various types of pallet storage systems are used in warehouses to store goods in a synchronized way. However, there various types of pallet rack storage systems available to suit your requirements accordingly. These are:

  • Stacking Frames
  • Single-Deep Pallet rack
  • Block stacking
  • Double-deep pallet rack
  • Pallet Flow Rack
  • Drive-In Rack
  • Push Back Rack

Stacking Frames

Made out of posts and decks stacking frames can be put up accordingly and moved too. It is well suited for temporary warehousing. With this kind of frame pallets can be stored really high.

Single-Deep Pallet Rack

An edge over the honeycombing issues with stacking frames and block frames, single-deep pallet racks provides access to each single pallet exclusively. Though this kind of rack arrangement requires substantial amount of floor space, yet it provides advantage too. Once a pallet is empty it is immediately useful and available for a new one.

Block Stacking

When one load is stacked above the other, it is referred to as Block stacking. Based on certain factors like total weight of loads, condition of pallets, clearing options, forklift capacities etc, the pallets are stacked to according heights. While retrieving they are particularly done in a last and first out procedure.

Double-Deep Pallet Rack

The specialty of double-deep pallet rack is that it accommodates two single racks together at a time. However, this type of racking is not so efficient when compared to single deep pallet rack for it has honeycombing problem. Moreover to manage the pallets and racks one requires having a double reach forklift.

Pallet Flow Rack

This pallet storage system is expensive compared to others. Here load is removed one after the other. Loads move with the help of a conveyor belt and once a rack is unloaded the next comes in.

Drive-In Rack

Drive-in racks are somewhat similar in handling like that of double deep pallet racks. These also have similar five to ten load spaces. The drive-in lanes have comparatively limited space to move the forklifts. Therefore loading and unloading becomes a bit clumsy. As per the loading and unloading strategy is concerned it too follows the same LIFO technique as in Block stacking.

Push Back Rack

A rail guided carrier is extensively used in loading in Push back rack pallet storage system. Loading is managed particularly in a LIFO system. While loading, once a load in kept it pushes back the previous load in storage place. Again while unloading; once a load is removed the one in behind takes its position.

Pallet systems are broadly distinct applying distinct methods suitable for your warehouse. Every warehouse might not be the same essentially. Therefore these systems which require varied space, management suit your purpose accordingly.

Make The Most Of Your Warehouse Space, Reducing Goods Damage

If you want to spend minimum money on insurance settlement due to goods damaged in logistics in your warehouse, then you should make arrangements for introducing pallet storage in your warehouse. It’s not a old story, and in fact a common one, that how warehouses suffers a lot of losses each year, due to the insurance settlements and claims they need to pay for the damages occurred to goods in their responsibility.

These instances are results of poor storage and transfer system that involves rough handling, jerking, thumping, and wrong placing of the goods. It’s evident that multiple workers handling goods with hand and machinery, and floor stacking, are the reasons behind such damages.

How to avoid damages of goods

These damages and occurrences can be eliminated almost totally, and together with that the productivity of the warehouse can go up manifolds with the introduction of the pallet storage racks in the warehouse.

Advantages of pallet storage

The advantages with pallet storage are mainly the handling of the goods, and the storage. On one side you can use the vertical space in the warehouse. Things stacked up are not one on top of the other and delicate goods do not get pressed due to weight of other boxes on top of them. There are shelves made of hard metal and the solid infrastructure can hold huge weight. This gives way to wonderful vertical stacking of goods in order, and without letting the pressure of the top boxes being sent on the boxes below.

Another great advantage is the placing of the goods. With minimum workers, and just a few efficient machineries like forklifts, the boxes can be placed easily on the shelves, loaded, unloaded and managed. Forklifts are amazing machinery, which eliminates the needs for excessive manpower for loading and unloading of goods within the warehouse.

How forklifts and pallet storage reduces the need for manpower

One forklift can manage a big section of the loading and unloading with just one worker managing the machine. This makes the scope of human error less, while increasing productivity, and all these are made possible only when you have a pallet storage system in the warehouse.

Lesser claims to be settled every month

As goods are stored orderly within the warehouse, with minimum impact on them to damage them, your chances of getting complaints from customers reduces. Lesser insurance claims make the work more profitable for you, as most warehouse owners dedicate a certain amount of their income and fund for settling such claims, which you will not be doing once your storage system in the warehouse improves with pallet storage.

With lesser damaged goods insurance claims, more storage space, and limited use of manpower, a well maintained warehouse would skyrocket your income and would give you high returns within a few days of installing the pallet storage system. This makes the installation of pallet storage a really good reason to increase your income from the warehouse, and if you are planning to build a whole new warehouse, then you must implement pallet storage system right from the beginning rather than wait for a late renovation.